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At Earnest we believe in fostering new relationships between business and talent.

This means finding the right fit between your business and our creative team.

The Earnest approach includes discovering what and who you work well with.


"Working with Earnest over the last couple of years has been a very enjoyable and successful experience. For each new project we've worked on together, Mike has always carefully evaluated our needs and worked closely with us to ensure an exceptional outcome. Very patient with guiding us through the creative process, he has been very responsive to our needs while providing valuable perspectives. Working with Earnest has has truly been a pleasure."

- Tammy A. "Heidary Health and My Health Report"


We explore and develop your brand in creative yet practical ways including:


Branding is the process of creating a “unique” name and image for a product or service in consumers' hearts and minds. Creating a language that is yours both written and visually represented.

From strategy to business identity we do the research and design work necessary to establish your business unique market personality.


Your web presence is the backbone of any and all of your company marketing efforts. Without a solid, up-to-date website your business will experience lost leads and diminished online attention. When we say modern we mean responsive, cross browser compatible and clean!

Today’s online audience; whether they are professional or at home needs an immediate connection to your company that creates the user experience that most resembles a “product in hand” sales approach.


Your company’s look and feel are paramount to how it is percieved by any and all of your clients... except your parents.

Your signage is your first impression; Your business cards are your handshake; your brochures are your first meeting.

From imagery to layout and materials, Earnest provides hands-on guidence that ensures a lasting impression.


The name of the game is campaign! Creating and executing an effective ad strategy is the best way to increase sales.

A campaign creates a narrative that saturates your target market's hearts and minds. Without a compelling visual message your company is simply playing a game of craps with it's own livelihood. We combine multiple platforms to achieve a strong and lasting message that equals immediate and long term sales.



The #1 hold-up in any project that we deal with is copy writing... if you do it yourself. Finding a voice or narrator for your brand is one of our specialities. Having a writen persona is a corner stone to effective brand communication.


Send us a message detailing the size and scope of your project and/or what services you are interested in. Please try to have a budget in mind.

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